Characteristics of aluminum packaging:

  1. Aluminum packaging effectively protects food and drink and reduces waste;
  2. Aluminum packaging is non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable;
  3. Aluminum is an efficient packaging material with low material consumption;
  4. Recycling of aluminum packaging is beneficial to sustainable development;
  5. Aluminum packaging facilitates the storage and transportation through light weight saving resources;
  6. Aluminum packaging has the best life cycle assessment and environmental impact.

Eight system advantages of aluminum packaging:

  1. Protectiveness:

Aluminum completely cuts off light, gas and moisture, it can be used in packaged food, beverage, medicine and other technical fields. Aluminum packaging helps reduce waste and greatly saves energy. Aluminum cans are lightweight, portable and not easily broken, it also can protect the food, drinks or medicine and health care products intact.


     2.thermal conductivity high:

Aluminum has high conductivity, it can reduce temperature transfer. Aluminum foil is not deformed, cracked, melted or charred.


  1. Quantitative:

The aluminum package weighs light, it helps save energy, it also facilitates the storage and transportation of scrapped products.


       4.Easy molding:

Aluminum is ductile and easy to form, aluminum foil has sealing and folding characteristics, it can be used in the packaging of many different products.


  1. Save resources:

Aluminum foil packaging consumes less than 10 percent of the total energy needed by the supply chain.

At the same time, aluminum packaging prolongs the product maintenance period and protects the product quality.


  1. Recycle:

Aluminum has recycling value, compared to raw aluminum production, the amount of energy needed to recycle aluminum is only 5 per cent of raw aluminum.


     7.Sanitary safety:

In aluminum foil production process, use high temperature annealing disinfection process, so the aluminum foil can be safely in contact with food and medicine, does not contain or contribute to bacterial growth.

The aluminum base of cans has strict requirements for toxic elements, and the inner wall is coated with food grade coating, which will not react with beverage.


  1. Decorative:

Aluminum has a bright metallic luster, compatible with all printing technologies, have good decorative performance, you can design excellent patterns and brand logos.

Therefore, aluminum can be used to make beverage cans, bottle labels, aluminum bottle caps, confectionery aluminum foil and tubular cosmetics.