Speaking of concept stocks, I think friends who are stocks may know that their concept stocks are a combination of stock picks of the same kind. After saying this, everyone must know what I want to say, yes, definitely about concept stocks. Related information, what are the 2018 concept stocks on electronic aluminum foil?

Xinjiang Zhonghe (7.08 +1.72%, BUY): Xinjiang Zhonghe is China’s largest manufacturer of high-purity aluminum and electronic aluminum foil, achieving the transformation from smelting industry to electronic new material industry, or the world’s largest high-purity aluminum R&D And one of the production enterprises, product technology and quality have reached the world’s advanced level. At present, the company has formed a “high-purity aluminum-electronic aluminum foil-electrode foil” industrial chain with “high-purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil” as the leading products. Among them, the share of high-purity aluminum and electronic aluminum foil products in the domestic market is in a leading position.

Xinjiang Zhonghe 600888: The company currently has a high-purity aluminum production capacity of 42,000 tons, an electronic aluminum foil production capacity of 35,000 tons, and an electrode foil production capacity of 16 million square meters. In the first half of 2017, with the gradual recovery of aluminum prices, the company’s main electronic new materials business maintained a growth trend, in which high-purity aluminum achieved sales revenue of 251 million yuan, an increase of 7.07%, electronic aluminum foil sales revenue of 290 million yuan, an increase of 22.61 %, electrode foil realized sales income of 464 million yuan, an increase of 45.61%. Optimistic about the demand for aluminum capacitors in new consumer electronics.

Nanshan Aluminum (6.90 +2.07%, BUY): Nanshan Aluminum is the only listed company in China with aluminum as its main business. It has formed a line from energy, alumina, electrolytic aluminum to aluminum profiles, high precision aluminum sheets and strips. Foil is the world’s only short-distance and complete aluminum industry chain, and its scale and output continue to be at the forefront of large-scale aluminum industry enterprises. Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Material Factory is the pillar enterprise of the company and is the designated manufacturer of aluminum alloy building profiles by the Ministry of Construction.

Chang Aluminum Co., Ltd. (8.40 +1.69%, BUY): Chang Aluminum Co., Ltd. is an aluminum processing enterprise specializing in the production of aluminum foil, hydrophilic coated aluminum foil and aluminum sheet and strip. It is one of the top ten enterprises in China and the first batch of 22 key private enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Technology companies. The company has aluminum processing and deep processing production facilities from aluminum ingot casting, hot rolling (including continuous casting and rolling), rough finishing, finishing, heat treatment, coating and shearing; it has annual production of 100,000 cast and rolled billets. Tons (including hot rolling of 80,000 tons, casting and rolling 21,000 tons), 50,000 tons of plain aluminum foil and aluminum foil wool, and 42,000 tons of hydrophilic coated aluminum foil, the products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the United States, etc. 10 Multiple countries or regions.

Electronic aluminum box 掀 out of stock tidal stocks related stocks

According to relevant reports, due to the shortage of aluminum foil in the upstream of the capacitor components, coupled with the suspension of orders from the large chip resistors, the passive components of aluminum capacitors have risen again, and related concept stocks have risen and stopped on Wednesday. Taiwan industry insiders said that the current price surge of aluminum capacitors is mainly due to the shortage of aluminum foil materials in mainland China, and may start a second wave of price increases in the future. As environmental pressures increase, out-of-stock prices will continue. Among the A shares, Xinjiang Zhonghe 600888 formed an integrated industrial chain from high-purity aluminum to electrode foil; Huafeng 002806 is one of the largest low-pressure foil-forming enterprises in China, and can pay attention to these two stocks.

Financial sector website news, aluminum foil concept stocks rose in early trading on December 28, as of press time, Xinjiang Zhonghe rose more than 7%, Huafeng shares rose more than 6%.

According to Taiwan media reports on the 27th, due to the shortage of aluminum foil in the upstream components of capacitor components, coupled with the suspension of orders from large-scale chip resistors, the rise in prices of passive components such as aluminum capacitors, the related concept stocks rose on Wednesday. Aluminum foil material factory Lideng (6175.TW) daily limit, the stock price hit a record high, rising more than 80% in the fourth quarter. Capacitor manufacturers Kaimei (5317.TW) and Zhibao (2375.TW) all traded at a daily limit, with gains of 97% and 51% in the fourth quarter.

Taiwan industry insiders said that the current price surge of aluminum capacitors was mainly due to the shortage of aluminum foil materials in mainland China. It is estimated that the impact of the shortage in November and December is between 15% and 25%. Out of stock directly led to price increases, aluminum foil material stocks rose about 8%-10% in October-November, and may start a second wave of price increases in the future. Electrode foil processed from electronic aluminum foil is a key raw material for the manufacture of aluminum capacitors, accounting for 30%-70% of the production cost. In recent years, the demand for new energy vehicles and smart phone fast charging has exploded, and the aluminum capacitor market has developed rapidly, driving the demand for electrode foil. As electrode foil production will emit acid waste water and irritating gases, this year’s environmental pressure will lead to the suspension of production capacity, and the shortage of stock prices may continue.