The European parliament passes a wide-ranging proposal to ban the use of single-use plastics in Strasbourg, France, on oct 24, 2018

The European parliament approved this proposal by voted 571 on 53 on that day.

Under the proposal,the European Union will ban the use of disposable plastic products with substitutes, such as plastic straws, disposable earplugs, dinner plates and so on by 2021,besides, the Fishing nets currently causing major pollution in the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans will also be remanufactured.


In the next few weeks,Before the proposal became law,the discussions will continue in the European parliament, the European commission and member states.


FransTimmermans, President of the European commission said:Plastic waste is undoubtedly a big problem,the europeans need to act together to solve this problem,Because plastic waste ends up in our air, soil, oceans and food. The commission added in its statement,by 2015,The proposal would save 6.5 billion euros a year for consumers,And reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.4 million tons. As stipulated,The proposals need to be approved by the European parliament and the European council, it is a big step towards its legislative goal if the European parliament can approve the proposal.

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