1.toxic reactions different
Tin Foil and aluminum foil are often used to wrap ingredients for grilling to prevent meat from burning.If you just use them to wrap the ingredients and put them in the oven, it won’t do you much harm.But if you add a sauce or lemon to the ingredients,The acidic substances will be tin foil or aluminum foil tin, aluminum precipitation, mixed with food is absorbed by the human body, will cause food tin, aluminum poisoning.
Therefore, when making baked goods, people are advised not to add sauce or lemon if they want to wrap the food with foil or aluminum foil

2. appearance characteristics different
Tin foil is much brighter than aluminum foil,But tin foil malleable is very bad, it will break when you pull it.
Supermarkets sell pure tin foil, often in sheets with cotton paper between them, which is harder to cut, more expensive and has fewer buyers.
Aluminum foil material is relatively stiff, good cutting, more use of drum packaging, the price is cheaper, and now gradually into the mainstream of the market.