Melt Brown Sugar Bricks

Brown sugar might taste delicious; however, if you have ever tried storing any, you would know what a headache it is! No matter where you keep it, the particles seem to attract each other like magnets and you end up with a rock. Most of the sugar gets thrown out that way. Not if you have good ol’ aluminum foil though. Tear a piece of the silvery material, wrap your brick in it and pop the bundle into the oven. Keep it just for five minutes at 300F and open the oven door to soft brown sugariness!

Protect Your Pies

We all love pies but blackened piecrusts leave a bad taste in the mouth. What can you do to prevent them, so that your pies slide out of the oven looking flawless? Fold aluminum foil over the crust to not only keep it from burning but also from falling off while your pie can take its sweet – or savory – time to cook.

Pan Your Cakes

When you are panicking over a cake that you forgot to order, aluminum foil will come to your rescue yet again. It is really easy to make cake pans with this flat sheet of aluminum. The best part is that they can be any shape that you want them to be. Pick up your ordinary cake pan and line it with foil shaped like you want it. It can be anything from a dragon to a house. Pour your cake batter into the customized pan and you will have the cake of your dreams.

Scrub Your Ovens

You may use your trusty old oven for a lot of things. It might be old but you love it and this means you want to keep using it for years to come. How can you protect the useful appliance from spills and splatters of all kinds? After all, oil and grease can destroy oven floors as nothing can. You also know that covering the floor of the oven will only cause a heat build-up during baking. The simplest solution would be to line the underside of whatever pan or pot you put in the oven with foil or spread a piece over the rack under the utensil.


Shine Your Silver

Tarnished silverware is worse than not having any. It makes you look sloppy and careless while you keep spending money on different brands of cleaners that would restore its shine. Fear not because here too, aluminum foil – and science – is on your side! What happens to the silver is simple oxidation that covers the shiny surface and hides its true glory. To keep your silverware always shining bright, roll out some aluminum foil and spread it in a shallow, flat pan. Boil some water and pour it into the pan. Throw in some baking soda and salt. Now put your silver items into the pan and watch the tarnish magically disappear! Polish your utensils with a soft towel to make them shine even brighter.

Spend Less on Dryer Sheets

When you use dryer sheets to dry your laundry, they leave behind a layer of chemical. This means that all your laundry, including the kids’ clothes will be covered with that chemical. When you feel like your towels have suddenly become less absorbent, that chemical is responsible! When that happens, the towels will start to smell after a use or two. So what can you do? Use balls made out of aluminum foil, instead of the dryer sheets. When you are doing your laundry, just toss the foil ball into the dryer and let it take care of things.

Quicken Your Irons

We have all heard of using hair straighteners to fix the collar on shirts while ironing, however, that means you also waste electricity and effort. A much simpler option would be to layer the ironing board with aluminum foil. This will speed up the boring process since the foil is metal and thus a good hear conductor. It will reflect the heat into the shirt and you will be done with ironing in no time.

Keep Your Iron Clean

Now that you know how to iron quickly, you will spend some time doing it. This means that it will also get dirty every now and then. In order to so, spread a sheet of foil over the ironing board and drop some salt on it. Now run the iron on high over your iron cleaner and it will come off clean!


Boost Signals

If you are looking for a good wifi signal booster, all you to do is grab some foil. Shape it into a parabolic dish and use it to boost the signal from your wifi router.

Take Better Pictures

At times, taking good family photos becomes difficult. You have to gather everybody; it has to be at the right time and in the presence of the right amount of light. A fancy photography light reflector would do the trick but it would also be expensive. So what can you do to preserve your favorite moments with your friends and family as they turn into memories? Lean on aluminum foil, what else? Take a piece of cardboard and cover it with a layer of aluminum foil. Use it in place of the fancy piece of equipment that you do not have and fall in love with properly-lit pictures!

If you can think of other novel uses for this extremely useful product, chime in below in the comments section. You may also want to check out this blog post about using aluminum for patio furniture. Symintec, we bridge the gap between you and success with quality aluminum!