Aluminum is perfect for patio furniture for several reasons. One of them is that it will provide both the elegance and comfort that you look for in good patio furniture.

Why Aluminum

Strength and Longevity

Two of the things that make aluminum the perfect material as a choice for outdoor furniture are its longevity and strength. Not only will aluminum not rust, it will retain its elegance throughout the year. Whether you live in areas where the summers mean blistering sun or in a place that is thoroughly drenched by thunderstorms, aluminum is the material for you!


Along with its strength and durability, aluminum is also the solution when it comes to getting furniture that is a little lighter. You do not want to be stuck lugging around giant chairs and tables, if you decide to rearrange your patio. Aluminum furniture is easy to move and can give you the freedom to redesign whenever you feel like it.


While metal furniture adds a little something to patios, it also falls prey to rusting. This means that you will have to replace it time and again. With patio furniture that is constructed out of aluminum, you never have to worry about rust. This is because on the surface, aluminum immediately binds itself with oxygen and develops a thin layer of oxide. This layer makes the metal and in turn, your furniture, completely corrosion resistant. Exposure to a variety of weather conditions will not damage the condition of your furniture. Aluminum will not only retain the appearance but also maintain its structural integrity without requiring a lot of effort from you.


Aluminum furniture comes in so many sizes, colors, textures, and styles that you will never look for other options. From lounge beds to dining sets, from chaise lounges and loveseats to barstools, there is so much variety! Pick the style that you like, depending on the look you want your patio to have!

Types of Aluminum Furniture

Typically, patio furniture made out of aluminum is manufactured either from

  • Cast
  • Wrought
  • Tubular

High quality of aluminum ingots are melted and used to create detailed patterns for cast aluminum furniture. This is achieved with intricately patterned moulds. Furniture made from cast aluminum is lightweight, durable, and solid. On the other hand, wrought aluminum is a mixture of aluminum and wrought iron. It heritage grants it the innovative uses that wrought iron has while its rust resistance, lightweight and portable nature are adopted from aluminum.

In furniture that is constructed from tubular aluminum, extruded tubing makes up the frame. The tubing is formed by forcing molten aluminum is forced through a die. Unlimited shapes may be created from tubular aluminum. These range from simple circular to wide racetrack extrusions.

Whether constructed from cast, wrought, or tubular aluminum stock, good quality aluminum patio furniture is irreplaceable. Use it as your prized feature of not only the patio but also other outdoor areas, such as decks.

Finishing Touches

Powder coating is the state of the art finishing technique that is used on metal frames today. After the paint particles have been ionized, they are sprayed onto the frames. The next step is to bake the paint so you are left with a thick and durable finish. Powder coating gives a more comprehensive coating and is resistant to most types of damages – peeling, chipping, fading, and cracking.

Buying Aluminum Furniture

When in the market to buy high quality aluminum furniture, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Any unwelded or incompletely welded nuts and bolts on the frames
  • Welds that are not smooth but instead have a gumball or globular appearance
  • Furniture that does not feel solid or rattles easily because it is not balanced correctly
  • Cushions that are not only comfortable but will also not get flattened too quickly. Look for the ones that have a fabric that is solution-dyed and suited to outdoors covering them.

Caring for your Aluminum Furniture

It is true that aluminum outdoor furniture will require little to no maintenance. This means that it will not rust, provided that is not unfinished. Unfinished exposed aluminum will oxidize. The only thing that you need to do to care for your furniture is thus to maintain the finish. This is important because it will lengthen its life further.

So, how do you care for your patio furniture? The first thing to do is to check or go through the recommendations made by the manufacturer for cleaning it. You must closely follow the instructions because these guidelines will ensure that you do not do anything that will negate any provided warranties.

At times, the guidelines will dictate simple cleaning that would only require washing the furniture, using a solution of mild soap and water. However, for tougher issues, you might require a specialty cleaning product so you can finish quickly.

If you spot any areas where paint is missing or can see fissures in the paint, those needs will need repairing. Use 400-600 grit sandpaper to sand them and then clean the frame. Do not reapply the touch up paint before allowing it to dry completely. You can also apply auto wax once every six months to preserve the original luster of your furniture.

If you are looking to make a sound investment and for home furnishings that will serve, you well, day in and day out for a long time, you need to invest in aluminum patio furniture. At Symentic, we bridge the gap between you and success with quality aluminum! To find out how to choose the right aluminum supplier and other useful things, check out our blog