The development of e-commerce, express delivery, take-out and other new industries has led to a sharp rise in the consumption of plastic packaging and plastic meal boxes,It is becoming a continuous producer of “white pollution”。
On January 5, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) launched a column titled “my Suggestions for the prevention and control of plastic waste pollution”, hoping to solve the problem with the best solution.

The consumption of plastic food boxes and packaging is rising rapidly, causing new pressure on resources and environment.Plastic litter carelessly discarded can cause ‘white pollution’. Non-standard disposal of plastic waste has serious environmental risks.
Therefore,someone make an important suggestion:Actively promote and promote the expanded use of aluminum foil meal boxes and containers in the field of catering and food packaging,We will effectively address the environmental pollution and food safety and health problems caused by the proliferation of plastic products.

At present, the use of aluminum foil containers and household food packaging aluminum foil has been very common at outside.However, for a variety of reasons, the use of aluminum foil meal boxes and containers in China is still very low.

Aluminum foil as a meal box, food containers have more characteristics and advantages. And the market development of relevant enterprises and application examples show: Aluminum foil fast food box is suitable for China’s national conditions,it can completely enter the food delivery, distribution, pre-packaged food industry,it can also enter the family use, may replace the plastic, the paper meal box in great quantities.

According to the industry survey, aluminum foil meal box as a green packaging material, in recent years is also becoming the new choice of the catering industry and food packaging.

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