Width:  100-800mm

Thickness:  8-100micron

Length:   2-600mm

Symintec household aluminum foils with unique qualities are widely used for cooking, reducing cleaning chores in the kitchen and for its many uses around the home, garden or workshop,restaurants, canteens, schools and hospitals.

Household aluminum foil (All)
Width 100-800mm 4in-31.5in
Thickness 8-100micron 8-100micron
Length 2-600mm 6ft-1800ft
Household aluminum foil (sqft)
size(sqft) Rolls/CTN CTN size(cm)
25 24 31*21*32
37.5 24 31*21*47
50 24 31*21*32
75 24 31*21*32
200 12 27*20.5*32.5


1.SGS certification
2.100% safe to our health
3.environmenmtally friendly, recoverable and recyclable


household aluminum foil 1)Super food Chain-stone
2)Hotel and restaurant
3)Fast food and take away food
4)Airline catering
5)Out-door barbecue
6)Party dinner
7)Family kitchenware


Ingot→Melting→Online air-Removing→Casing→Sawing→Scalper→Heating→Hot rolling→Hot rolling coil (Casting) →Cold rolling (Rewind reel/ Annealing) →Rough rolling→Double→ Foil finish rolling→Thin thin shear→Annealing →Aluminum foil→Inspection→ Slitting → Packaging →Delivery



Precise length, neat tangent flying shear

Flying Shear range of products: processing width 800-1800mm, thickness 0.5-5.0mm, length 600-8000mm.


Advanced foil mills, high productivity, full specifications

High productivity and full specifications of foil mills to meet the needs of customers; 20,000 tons ofannual turnover; the maximum thickness is 0.6 mm, while the minimum is 0.02 mm, andmaximum width up to 1800 mm.

foil advantage3

Stable property and good formability

Symintec advanced equipment and mature technology contribute to the production of adhesive tape foil 0.016-0.4mm thickness, 200-1400mm width; The product properties such stability, high purity, high cube organizations, surface oxidation, outstanding oxidation resistance and good formability.


Efficient household aluminum foil production line

This produced household aluminum foil with its advantages of clean, shading, environmental protection, recycling and so on, have been gradually replaced by a variety of plastic wrap. The machine uses mechanical, electrical and pneumatic design, Siemens PLC programmable controller automatic control, it may be aluminum foil unwinding, sizing, winding, cutting, changing volume processes at once, the entire work process is automatically carried out.


household foil packaging

Each household aluminum foil roll will be packed with an individual box or pp bag with or without cutter.

The printing of art work for the box  will be according to the customer design or our design .

24 or 12 household aluminum foil rolls in one carton, as customer requested.

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