Certifications: SGS,ISO9001

Height:  25mm-75mm

Capacity:  1600ml-9600ml

Symintec Industries supply all sizes of aluminum foil containers and can make the molds as our customer’s requirement, with food grade, pollution-free, environmental-friendly and recyclable, and widely used in Fast Food, baking, disposable meal box, freezing, reheating and serving.

container class (1600ml-9600ml )
Picture Item No AC698 Picture Item No AC1135
 aluminum-foil-container1 Top Out 255*190mm  aluminum-foil-container2 Top Out 320*215mm
Top In 235*180mm Top In 290*192mm
Bottom 205*138mm Bottom 275*175mm
Height 78/70mm Height 50/42mm
Rim Construction IVCF Rim Construction IVCF
Thickness 0.08mm Thickness 0.07mm
Capacity 2300ml Capacity 2500ml
Pack 800pc/CTN Pack 600pc/CTN
1/4 size sheet cake pan Cube 62*39*52CM 1/4 size sheet cake pan Cube 66*30*65CM
Picture Item No AC1173 Picture Item No AC1145
 aluminum-foil-container3 Top Out 525*325mm  aluminum-foil-container4 Top Out 320*265mm
Top In 495*295mm Top In 300*245mm
Bottom 455*255 mm Bottom 273*214mm
Height 75mm Height 56/48mm
Rim Construction FC Rim Construction IVCF
Thickness 0.16/0.17/0.18mm Thickness 0.065/0.07mm
Capacity 9600ML Capacity 3075ml
full-size deep steam Pack 50pcs/CTN 1/2 size medium Pack 400pc/CTN
tabie pan Cube 53.5*33.5*36.5cm deep steam table pan Cube 66*55*33.5CM
Disk egg care categories: (75mm-455mm E )
Picture Item No AC012F Picture Item No AC245
 aluminum-foil-container5 Top Out 305mm  aluminum-foil-container6 Top Out 73mm
Top In 285mm Top In 60mm
Bottom 265mm Bottom 48mm
Height 18mm Height 30mm
Rim Construction FC Rim Construction FC
Thickness 0.214mm Thickness 0.046mm
Capacity 900ml Capacity 60ml
Pack 50pc/CTN Pack 5000pc/CTN
12″round deep pie pan Cube 32*32*24.5cm round deep pie pan Cube 50.5*50*50.5cm
Picture Item No AC425 Picture Item No AC211
 aluminum-foil-container7 Top Out 185mm  aluminum-foil-container8 Top Out 115mm
Top In 165mm Top In 95mm
Bottom 144mm Bottom 80mm
Height 42/36mm Height 40/34mm
Rim Construction H Rim Construction IVFC
Thickness 0.05/0.054/0.06/0.068mm Thickness 0.04mm
Capacity 670ml Capacity 215mm
7″Round Pack 500pc/CTN Pack 3000pc/CTN
Take-out Container Cube 38*33*38cm round deep pie pan Cube
Format box categories: (750ml-1030ml )
Picture Item No AC781 Picture Item No AC782
 aluminum-foil-container9 Top Out 227*178mm  aluminum-foil-container10 Top Out 228*178mm
Top In 213*160mm Top In 214*164mm
Bottom 192*140mm Bottom 198*148mm
Height 34mm Height 44mm
Rim Construction FC Rim Construction FC
Thickness 0.07mm Thickness 0.07/0.075mm
Capacity 150/230/360ml Capacity 480/620ml
standard3-compartment Pack 1000pc/CTN standard2-compartment Pack 1000pc/CTN
home feeding container Cube 46*72*42.5cm vessel Cube 91*64.5*24.5cm
Picture Item No AC724 Picture Item No AC760
 aluminum-foil-container11 Top Out 229*180mm  aluminum-foil-container12 Top Out 240*207mm
Top In 214*163mm Top In 220*190mm
Bottom 202*150mm Bottom 205*172mm
Height 30/37mm Height 37/47mm
Rim Construction IVCF Rim Construction IVCF
Thickness 0.057mm Thickness 0.08mm
Capacity 365/300/200ML Capacity 180/190/200/550ml
standard3-compartment Pack 600pc/CTN standard4-compartment Pack 500PC/CTN
home feedingcontainer Cube 56*47*35CM home feedingcontainer Cube 50*39*43cm
Format box categories: (260ml-2000ml )
Picture Item No AC306 Picture Item No AC460
 aluminum-foil-container13 Top Out 130*100mm  aluminum-foil-container14 Top Out 201*137mm
Top In 115*83mm Top In 185*122mm
Bottom 90*65mm Bottom 155*95mm
Height 45/40mm Height 45mm
Rim Construction IVCF Rim Construction FC
Thickness 0.03mm Thickness 0.045/0.05mm
Capacity 260ml Capacity 780ml
Pack 1000pc/CTN Pack 1000
0.26L Carry-out Container Cube 27*41*27cm Cube 71.5*34.5*41.5cm
Picture Item No AC575 Picture Item No AC566
 aluminum-foil-container15 Top Out 174*134mm  aluminum-foil-container16 Top Out 205*110mm
Top In 160*118mm Top In 185*95mm
Bottom 150*110mm Bottom 158*67mm
Height 37mm Height 56/50mm
Rim Construction FC Rim Construction IVCF
Thickness 0.115mm Thickness 0.057mm
Capacity 590ml Capacity 690ml
Pack 1000PC/CTN Pack 1200pcs/ctn
0.59L Aluminum foil Cube 68*35.8*26CM 0.69L Carry-out Container Cube 49*43*35.5CM

Aluminum foil containers offer some of the most versatile packaging solutions available today, like aluminum foil cups/plates, aluminum foil dishes, aluminum foil food containers, aluminum foil trays, aluminum food packaging containers with lids, disposable aluminum foil pans, disposable food containers with lids, foil containers with lids for food, foil food containers with lids, foil takeaway containers, food foil packaging. They combine the features needed to process, conserve and deliver to the consumer perfectly preserved and quickly accessed food products.

Meeting the constantly evolving needs of the aluminum container market is our top priority. With fully integrated multi-plant production, aluminum containers suppliers offer container manufacturers a wide range of advanced foil specifications and a consistent and reliable supply.

Our significant investment in research and development allows us to continuously optimize the performance of our container foil. An excellent example of this is the permanent work on advanced alloys, allowing foil thickness reduction without sacrificing key mechanical properties.


Symintec manufactures and supplies aluminum foil to specifications meeting the requirements of the container manufacturers, including foil for conventional containers and foil for smooth-wall containers, with applications for:

Preserved pet food

Preserved human food

Chilled food





The aluminum container owes a large part of its acknowledged advantages to the attributes of the foil material:

Barrier: Container foil provides a total barrier against light and gas and protects food from deterioration.

Formability: Container foil has is highly formable and can also be “dead folded,” which is beneficial when deep drawing and shaping containers.

Heating properties: Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, and at the same time is heat-resistant, allowing quick and controlled heating of the container’s food content. Aluminum is also one of the only container serving options that is tri- ovenable, offering cooking versatility in conventional, microwave and broiler oven types.

Decorative potential: Container foil lends itself to strong shelf appeal and striking package design. The material is both bright and reflective and can be color-lacquered or printed.

Food contact ability: Aluminum container foil meets international mandatory standards on contact with foodstuffs.

Sustainability:  foil helps meet source reduction and sustainability goals through the development of lightweight and down-gauged packaging. Aluminum containers provide perfect preservation and prevent from food waste. Aluminum containers can be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality


1.Foil container series is mostly used for aviation food and cake and snack food industry, can be customized according to customer demand with its broad popularity.

2.Foil container looks beautiful, light weight, pasteurized, in line with national food hygiene standards. And recycling easy, no harmful substances in the process, renewable resources, reduce pollution, conserve resources and can be recycled with, the first choice of green low-carbon life.

3.Aluminum foil material itself has barrier properties, basically has complete gas and moisture barrier based on a sufficient thickness of aluminum foil premise. Thus, in plastic flexible packaging materials, aluminum foil is commonly used as barrier materials, and aluminum foil with a light, closed and covering good range of advantages, health and beauty.

4.Aluminum foil container surface can be coated, which is not only easy to the production, but also with more beautiful appearances. This kinds of container is not only in line with national food hygiene standard, but also adapted to the current international environmental trend.

5.Foil container can be directly used for storage, packaging, barbecue / baking, molding, heating and refrigeration. Foil container can be used directly on the gas stove, oven and microwave without any danger, and bring a great convenience to people.

6.It can also be used for other non-food industries such as reflectors for lighting candles products, for chemical testing of experimental Cup series, used to hold the oil drip boxes, etc. And it is widely used in many industry.


Aluminum foil Containers can be equipped with four kinds of cover:

1)aluminum composite paperboard cover,

2)green plastic cap,

3)aluminum foil lid,

4)aluminum foil cover


1.Aluminum composite paperboard cover in the high-side lunch boxes are widely used with commonly 270g, 350g two thicknesses, cover the edges and fold after flattening may be sealed in the box to keep food clean and fresh, which can enter the heating in the microwave oven, are widely used in abroad.

2.Plastic cover and take-away aluminum pot, take-away snack pack, is the same to aluminum foil boxes, general soft PVC plastic cover with low temperature supporting, when the temperature reached 65 degrees , will start to release a called “two Dioxin “toxic substances —— a first degree ‘carcinogenic’ substances. OPS plastic cover is recommended to use environmentally and friendly.

3.Aluminum foil material cover with thickness 0.01-0.02mm, (commonly known as foil) wrapped around the four sides of the box and can be sealed in the box to keep food clean and fresh, can enter the inner grill and microwave for heating, aviation meal is the most versatile.

4.Cover has the same processing ways with aluminum foil container, and sometimes aluminum foil lid can also be painted to increase selling. Because of the use of thick material, can also be entered to the grill and microwave oven heating, aviation meal and takeaway packed in aluminum foil are more and more popular used.


1)Fast Food


3)Food container

4)Disposable meal box






Ingot→Melting→Online air-Removing→Casing→Sawing→Scalper→Heating→Hot rolling→Hot rolling coil (Casting) →Cold rolling (Rewind reel/ Annealing) →Rough rolling→Double→ Foil finish rolling→Thin thin shear→Annealing →Aluminum foil→Inspection→ stamping → Packaging →Delivery




Precise length, neat tangent flying shear

Flying Shear range of products: processing width 800-1800mm, thickness 0.5-5.0mm, length 600-8000mm.


Advanced foil mills, high productivity, full specifications

High productivity and full specifications of foil mills to meet the needs of customers; 20,000 tons ofannual turnover; the maximum thickness is 0.6 mm, while the minimum is 0.02 mm, andmaximum width up to 1800 mm.

foil container

A variety of products:

Our aluminum foil containers used mainly two alloys 8011 and 3003 alloys have a thickness from 0.0065 to 0.4, the width of an arbitrary, to meet a variety of processing requirements, its performance was 8011-O state, 8011H22,8011H24 , 8011H26,8011H18 and 3003H24. materials undergo a rigorous inspection, fully meet the national standards.



The aluminum foil box packing per 125 for a 1.8 C thick PE plastic bag, every eight bags into a five-layer B2B and core carton (1000 / box).

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