You will only go for the best aluminum there is, if you are one of the enduring pioneers in a market that essentially relies on aluminum for structural, machining, or architectural purposes. This means you will always be on the lookout for the best aluminum supplier out there. Just as no two snowflakes are similar, no two aluminum suppliers are created equally. You require a supplier that will not only have the best deals but also the experience to back it up. Furthermore, if the delivery is not timely, you might as well close down your shop. Even If you are purchasing aluminum products for occupational or recreational projects, why should you settles for less than the best when you are willing to spend the money? Following is a cheat sheet to help you find the best aluminum supplier, no matter which part of the world you are currently residing in. P.S. we do deliver to 105 countries. Just sayin’!

I will buy from these guys because they sell cheap

Wrong! Ignore any suppliers who offer products that are dirt cheap or close. Here is why! Typically, you will be paying these charges:

  • Ingot
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Shipping/Transportation

Keep in mind that aluminum will have similar cost and that the charges above are logical and completely transparent. This means a supplier who is offering you a product at a cost that is significantly lower than the market price is not giving you authentic product. Either through reduction in weight per meter or use of recycled material, you are being taken advantage of.

You also need to keep in mind the type of aluminum products that you are in the market for. If you are just looking to buy aluminum coils, a too-steep price might not be such bad news. However, if you require foil and plates along with the coils, a supplier that is offering a wide range of products at steep prices will no suit you. Similarly, if you were buying in bulk, then prices that are too high would be unsuitable as opposed to a buyer who does not need many coils.

I am going to buy from this supplier because they only sell aluminum products

No, you are not! Some aluminum suppliers are in the business by just stocking aluminum products. They do not manufacture these products. Instead, they employ several telephone operators or sell online. The problem is these people are only in the business to get the products off their shelves. It is highly likely that the telephone operators do not have an inkling about what they are supposed to be selling. They will say anything as long as the customers feels that their needs are being met. They will have no knowledge about the best price-quality ratio or even the best product for a particular use. Their “expert” recommendations may only end up causing you a lot of trouble when you have to pay for reconstruction later!

Pick a supplier possessing in-depth knowledge of aluminum itself. Aluminum is a soft metal that can be damaged or scratched easily if stored or shipped with metals as hard as steel etc. What do you expect the telephone operator will know about the ins and outs of aluminum and proper handling?

I will choose this supplier because they are new on the scene

Wrong approach! Choose a supplier that specializes in the production of industrial aluminum and has been in the business for 5 years or more. Even better, select suppliers who themselves are also aluminum users! A wealth of experience, practiced handling, good understanding of the quality, and the expertise to suggest a better choice of product, depending on its use are just some of the benefits that you will get. Moreover, they may also be able to recommend products, according to what you need, balancing it with the cost affordable to you.

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