Food packaging foil already entered thousands of households,We often use a beverage bag, food packaging bag and container, these are made from aluminum foils.

The price of food foils usually depends on the alloy brand, specification, technical requirements and quantity.The most commonly used alloy states in China are aluminum foil of 8011/H22, 8011/H24, 8011/O and 3003/H24, and the 3003/H24 price is higher than the others.

The performance aspect is mainly about the requirement of tensile strength and elongation, High elongation makes it hard to crack, also request no oil, no smell, to ensure the requirements of food packaging.

Food foil usually uses double zero aluminum foil and single zero aluminum foil, the price is different between different thickness, usually the thinner the thickness, the higher the price.

Our company can process 8011 aluminum foil with thickness of 0.009-0.5mm for household, and aluminum container foils with different width and thickness.

Product name Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm)
Aluminum container foils 8011 H22/24 0.022-0.15 200-1200
3003 H24 0.03-0.08 200-800
Aluminum household foils 8011 O 0.02-0.04 400-700