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Taking It Outside — Why Aluminum is perfect for Patio Furniture

Aluminum is perfect for patio furniture for several reasons. One of them is that it will provide both the elegance and comfort that you look for in good patio furniture. Why Aluminum Strength and Longevity Two of the things that make aluminum the perfect material as a choice for outdoor furniture are its longevity and […]

The Magic Continues — Aluminum Foil Treatments for Diseases

The Many Faces of Aluminum For years, aluminum foil has graced kitchens and been used to wrap up leftovers or produce roasts that are succulent and lusciously cooked. However, new uses of aluminum are now being discovered and they include how this amazing metal is being used in scientific research and furthering it. Another amazing […]

Ten Uses of Aluminum Foil You Never Knew Existed

Delectable Melt Brown Sugar Bricks Brown sugar might taste delicious; however, if you have ever tried storing any, you would know what a headache it is! No matter where you keep it, the particles seem to attract each other like magnets and you end up with a rock. Most of the sugar gets thrown out […]

How To Choose the Right Aluminum Supplier ?

You will only go for the best aluminum there is, if you are one of the enduring pioneers in a market that essentially relies on aluminum for structural, machining, or architectural purposes. This means you will always be on the lookout for the best aluminum supplier out there. Just as no two snowflakes are similar, […]

All That Glitters — Which Side of Aluminum Foil Should You Use

Our beloved kitchen product – the aluminum foil – has two completely different faces! One side of the sheets shines as if it is the moonlight itself, the other not so much. This gives rise to two questions: Why are there two sides that look exactly the opposite of each other? Which side should you […]

5 Reasons Aluminum Foil Might Be Advancing Science

Scientists love to wrap themselves and everything around them in mystery, and over the past decade, in aluminum foil. Well, no pun intended, not after Paul Feyerabend’s crucifying analysis of the history of science. But it’s the truth. Physicists and other scientists (do we see a dichotomy here?) are literally wrapping important equipment around them […]


The ever-amazing aluminum foil actually contains between 92-99 percent aluminum and is made from an alloy of the metal. Depending upon its usage, this product is manufactured in varying thickness that can range from 0.00017 to 0.2 inches. Some of its many uses include: Air conditioner fin stocks Television and radio capacitors Thermal insulation Transformer electrical coils […]


While the Industrial Revolution was promising better literacy for the modern people, advertising and showcasing how it was increasing our ability to better read the “Book of Nature”, the leaders of the new mechanical age realized that the metal that made their world (Iron) lacked certain qualities. It was not perfect. This became apparent when […]


Is the weak market impact on global aluminum demand?

After experiencing rapid destocking in the past few years, LME aluminum stocks have been at a low level. At the end of September this year, stocks fell below 1 million tons for the first time since 2008, and began to slowly return to 1 million after mid-October. Tons above. Different from a few years ago, […]