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Environmental protection requirements to upgrade the supply of electronic aluminum foil prices are expected to continue

The environmental protection requirements are improved, and the output of electronic aluminum foil is affected: the electronic aluminum foil needs to use acid in the production process, which is easy to affect the environment. Domestic environmental protection requirements have become increasingly strict, and some manufacturers have shut down their production capacity, resulting in a tight […]


What are the 2018 electronic aluminum foil concept stocks?

Speaking of concept stocks, I think friends who are stocks may know that their concept stocks are a combination of stock picks of the same kind. After saying this, everyone must know what I want to say, yes, definitely about concept stocks. Related information, what are the 2018 concept stocks on electronic aluminum foil? Xinjiang […]

Understand the electronic aluminum foil in one article

  1 Definition The electronic aluminum foil is an aluminum foil processed by a series of calendering, cleaning and cutting processes on a high-purity aluminum ingot, and is a key raw material for producing an aluminum electrolytic capacitor. 2 Introduction After the aluminum foil is processed into a foil, it is subjected to surface etching […]

Food packaging aluminum foil widely used

  Food packaging foil already entered thousands of households,We often use a beverage bag, food packaging bag and container, these are made from aluminum foils. The price of food foils usually depends on the alloy brand, specification, technical requirements and quantity.The most commonly used alloy states in China are aluminum foil of 8011/H22, 8011/H24, 8011/O […]


Research on improving the quality of electronic aluminum foil

As people’s lives continue to improve, aluminum products are becoming more and more extensive in our lives. The issue of improving the quality of electronic aluminum foil is especially important. The production process of electronic aluminum foil is divided into two parts: calendering and finishing. In recent years, the market demand for electronic aluminum foil […]

Why aluminum packaging can instead of plastic packaging?

Characteristics of aluminum packaging: Aluminum packaging effectively protects food and drink and reduces waste; Aluminum packaging is non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable; Aluminum is an efficient packaging material with low material consumption; Recycling of aluminum packaging is beneficial to sustainable development; Aluminum packaging facilitates the storage and transportation through light weight saving resources; Aluminum […]

In recent years, the development status of China’s aluminum processing industry and how to grasp it in the future?

Aluminum processing is the production of various forms of products through the various processes and processes such as casting, rolling (or extrusion) and surface treatment for the transportation, construction, packaging, electrical, mechanical equipment and other industries. Aluminum deformation processing products can be divided into two categories: aluminum plate with foil and aluminum profile according to […]

The Magic of Aluminum — What Makes The Metal that Runs the World

Introduction As engineers and scientists simplify and ease our lives by discovering, innovating, and designing and creating newer products and better technologies, we often miss how our current technological prowess and abilities are a result of major discoveries and innovation in supporting industries and processes. A primary example is the smelting industry that extracts the […]