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Aluminum foil introduction – the most complete introduction you can find

Aluminum foil overview Aluminum foil is widely used in food, beverage, cigarette, pharmaceutical, photographic base, household daily necessities, etc. due to its excellent performance, and is commonly used as its packaging material; electrolytic capacitor material; insulation materials for buildings, vehicles, ships, houses, etc. As a decorative gold and silver wire, wallpaper and all kinds of […]

Take-out food exacerbates plastic waste,aluminum foil meal boxes should be promoted in China

The development of e-commerce, express delivery, take-out and other new industries has led to a sharp rise in the consumption of plastic packaging and plastic meal boxes,It is becoming a continuous producer of “white pollution”。 On January 5, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) launched a column titled “my Suggestions for the prevention and […]

The difference between aluminum foil and tin foil

1.toxic reactions different Tin Foil and aluminum foil are often used to wrap ingredients for grilling to prevent meat from burning.If you just use them to wrap the ingredients and put them in the oven, it won’t do you much harm.But if you add a sauce or lemon to the ingredients,The acidic substances will be […]

Use of aluminum foils

1. Air conditioner aluminum foil Air conditioning foil is a special material for manufacturing heat exchanger fins for air conditioners, Early use of air conditioning foil is plain foil. In order to improve the appearance performance of plain foil, an anticorrosive inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating are applied before forming to form a […]

What are the common specifications of aluminum foil | what are they used for?

In our life, aluminum foil is widely used, many of our daily necessities will use it, because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil is widely used in food, drinks, cigarettes, drugs, photographic substrate, household commodities, etc., but the use of subdivision, can be divided into many kinds. Today we will popularize the knowledge about aluminum […]

Aluminum foil composite fiberglass cloth with its characteristics

Aluminum foil composite fiberglass clot, It is a kind of flame retardant material which adopts unique and advanced composite technology and aluminum foil, it have Smooth surface, high light reflectivity, longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, airtight, watertight, good sealing performance. Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is mainly used as insulation material for pipelines of heating and […]

In 2017, China’s aluminum foil production accounted for nearly 60% of the global aluminum foil production.

More than 200 aluminum technology research experts from the whole country and aluminum industry chain entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the development and future of China’s aluminum industry. Fan Shunke, chairman of the China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, said on the 6th that in 2017 China’s aluminum foil production reached 3.65 million tons, accounting for […]

Aluminum stencil market will usher in a spurt growth period

“As the construction industry is advancing toward green environmental protection, providing mold-frame products with low emission, low loss, automation and light weight for green construction will be the development trend of China’s formwork industry. For example, plastic formwork, aluminum alloy formwork, etc. Its advantages of lightness, durability, environmental protection and high efficiency have won recognition […]